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Our managers are trained in this specialized field of property management and have over 43 years of experience in managing all aspects of homeowner and condominium associations. Our property management services include:


  • Assisting in negotiating and managing common area vendor service and contracts

  • Ensuring that all vendors/contractors maintain the required levels of insurance

  • Responding to requests of homeowners on issues related to the management and maintenance of the Association’s common areas

  • Assisting in the preparation of insurance specifications for the Association

  • Assisting in filing all insurance claims on behalf of the Association

  • Maintaining a complete homeowners’ directory

  • Performing periodic physical inspection of the property to determine compliance with the Association’s Restrictions, advising the Board of any violations and pursuing enforcement as directed by the Board

  • Assisting in capital improvement plans by submitting bids to the Board of Directors

  • Providing guidance on the interpretation of association documents

  • Assisting The Board of Directors with policy and decision making questions

  • Attending annual homeowner meetings and Board of Directors meetings

  • Preparing and filing the appropriate State Annual Corporation Reports

  • Distributing newsletters prepared by the Board of Directors

  • Providing 24-hour answering service for after-hours emergencies


Envolve Association Management is partnered with Union Bank/Smartstreet to provide a variety of online payment options for your association dues in order to streamline the payment and banking processes. Our accounting services include:


  • Maintaining a specialized property management/accounting software

  • Maintaining Association bank accounts and/or certificates of deposit (as directed by the Board of Directors)

  • Providing a variety of online payments options through our banking portal

  • Development of annual budgets

  • Producing and distributing monthly financial statements

  • Collecting of dues/assessments from the membership

  • Maintaining a record of all assessments, late fees, legal charges, etc.

  • Coordinating the filing of liens and civil warrants with legal counsel

  • Reconciling all bank statements

  • Assisting CPAs in the annual audit (if required) and annual tax return

  • Preparing 1099’s at year-end

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